Disaster Relief Shower Trailer

Items needed for the shower trailer can be found at www.walmart.com. Go to Registry Lists - Lists and Special Occastions. Log in with this information: First Name is Central Baptist. Last Name is Association. State is Kansas. If you have it shipped to the Great Bend store, we can just go there to pick it up. Thank you for your investment is this ministry.



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The Primary usage of the Central Baptist Association Disaster Relief Shower Trailer shall be to deploy for disasters.  In the event that the shower trailer is being used for some other non-disaster purpose, and a disaster arises, the shower trailer will be immediately made available for disaster relief deployment.


The Disaster Relief Shower Trailer may be used for the following:

                PRIORITY ONE:                                  Disaster Relief

                Secondary Priority:          Providing showers for a church hosting a mission team in their building.

                Third Priority:                     Church outreach and service events such as providing showers for                                                                                          bicyclists as they" Bike Across Kansas", parades, providing shower                                                                                           services for county fairs, etc.


     All usages of the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer shall be cleared through the Association Office.


     Churches wishing to use the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer for the Secondary and Third Priorities listed above shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Make their requests, as far in advance as they can, with the Association Office.

a) Return a copy of this page signed and dated.

b) Complete and return a signed and dated Hold Harmless Agreement

c) Obtain a Certificate of Liability from the church’s insurance company. It needs to state the date(s) of usage and name Central Baptist Association as “additional insured”.

  1. Provide a member(s) of the church to be trained in setting up, tearing down, and maintenance/operation of the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer.
  2. Provide a $50 Security Deposit.
  3. Replace all consumables (soap, etc.) they use.
  4. Return the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer in a clean, undamaged, and fully stocked condition.
  5. If the conditions of item 5 above are met, the Security Deposit shall be returned.
  6. Churches that use the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer and fail to meet the conditions of item 5 above may be required to:
    • Pay for any and all damage
    • Replace any missing equipment
    • Forfeit the Security Deposit

Additionally, the church may also be required to pay a higher Security Deposit for future use, or may be banned from future use of the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer.

  1. Churches that use the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer shall assume all liabilities of its use.Additionally, Churches will be responsible for ensuring that their use of the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer complies with all governmental laws. Any fines or litigation that arise as a result of a church using the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer shall be the responsibility of that church.

I have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed above.


___________________________________________________                        ________________________

Signature of responsible party                                                                                   Date


___________________________________________________                        ________________________

Name of Church making request                                                                              Dates requested



What the Disaster Relief Shower Trailer will be used for.





USER: ________________________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code: ___________________________________________________________________


Telephone: ____________________________________________________________________________


Pastor: _______________________________________________________________________________


Coordinator: ___________________________________________________________________________


Use Date:  _____________ to_____________


            In consideration of the use of the shower trailer, user covenants and agrees to insure and hold harmless Central Baptist Association from any and all liability in the movement, use by User and guests, etc., and the return of the said equipment to Central Baptist Association in the same condition as received.




                                                Pastor: _______________________________       Date  ____________                                                                                                           (Signature)


                                                Telephone Number:_________________________________________


                                                Coordinator:                                                                                       Date_________



                                                Telephone Number:_____________________________